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The history of negotiation, mediation and arbitration

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Jewell Myers worked a secretary in FMCS Arbitration Office beginning in 1964, when annual case-load was 30,000. By date of interview in 1986, the case-load reach 60,000. Ms. Myers eventually became Director of the Arbitration Office.

Nita Niehoff, a trained nurse, worked as a research assistant for her anthropologist husband. Employed by the FMCS Arbitration Office in 1971 as a Research Clerk. After 30 on the job, she knew all of the U.S. arbitrators. Interview 3-3-86.

Henry (Pete) Nichols earned BA from Cornell ILR School, worked as labor relation director for various employers in the West. Joined FMCS October 1961. serving in San Francisco, Denver, Spokane, and Anchorage. Interview 1-11-86.

James Chandler joined FMCS in July 1966. Worked in St. Louis and Houston. Prior experience: 12 years as International Union Rep of Brewery Workers. A great Guitar player and singer, he played at FMCS National Conferences. Interview 8-15-86.

Daniel Edwards worked in Salt Lake City as miners union agent. On a major cooper strike in 1949, he met Cy Ching who mediated the case. Ching urged him to join FMCS. He joined in 1952, assigned to Seattle and later Salt Lake. Then three years as National Office troubleshooter before returning to Salt Lake. Interview 6-13-86.

C.K. Call headed the Arkansas Department of Labor before joining FMCS under Director Cyrus Ching in 1949. Served as Assistant Regional Director and Regional Director in Chicago. He was my boss when I mediated in Milwaukee 1965 to 69. Interview 11-2-85

Jack Toner worked in labor relations for several Federal Agencies, finally NLRB while attended law school. Became NLRB Executive Secretary. Came to FMCS with NLRB Board member Hurtgen as deputy director. Contrasts the two agencies interestingly. Interview 6-15-05

Lou Towers worked in USCS and FMCS National Office helping the remarkable Major Charles Estes, trainer extraordinaire. Interviewed 9-26-88

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