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Copy of email of September 14, 2021 sent to known email addresses of past supporters of Friends.  If you did not receive this email please send me your email address and anyone else who may be interested at , thank you!

Dear Friends,

This email has been sent to you because you were at one time listed as having interest or support for the Friends of FMCS History Foundation set up as a non-profit tax-exempt foundation established by Jerry Barrett.  Jerry set up the Friends Foundation to promote and preserve the history of FMCS and its predecessor, the United States Conciliation Service at the U.S. Department of Labor. (USCS). Jerry passed away last November as a result of complications from lymphoma.

Commissioner Lou Manchise, a Board member of Friends, sent out an inquiry months ago asking if anyone was interested in following in Jerry’s footsteps and leading the Friends Foundation. I volunteered after my retirement from the FMCS Director position and was appointed Director of the Foundation by the Board of Directors.

I have worked closely with Rose, Jerry’s widow, and the Board to transfer the legal responsibilities and requirements for the foundation.  That task has been accomplished. I have also contacted the website provider and will work on updating the look and information on the site.  Suggestions and help in these revisions are more than welcome.

The mailing list that was sent out in this email was patched together from old files Lou Manchise gathered from Friends history.  I can, in some cases, clearly identify who is listed, but some email addresses are less decipherable.  I also eliminated all addresses, since I was advised that sending Friends emails to current FMCS employees at the work email address would be inappropriate.  If you know of FMCS employees who are interested in the Friends Foundation, please forward this email to the private email of that employee.

If you want to continue to support Friends your tax deductible contribution should be made out to Friends of FMCS History Foundation and sent to PO Box #9517, Chesapeake, VA, 23321.  I am also adding a link to PayPal on the website so donations can be made electronically.  Web site can be found at .

The FMCS History archives at GWU are once again open and available for in-person review. I will continue to work through the vast catalog of the information that Jerry collected over the years and update the web site with my discoveries.

We do have developing news impacting FMCS: Javier Ramirez was announced by the Biden Administration as the FMCS nominee on June 9th, 2021.  He was voted favorably out of the Senate HELP Committee on August 3rd and was placed on the Senate Executive Calendar, No. 300.  He now awaits a vote in the full Senate.

Here is the White House Announcement:

Javier Ramirez, Nominee for Director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

Javier Ramirez began his FMCS career as a Commissioner in 2005 and is currently the Executive Manager of the Division of Agency Initiatives.  This office bears responsibility for the Office of Conflict Management & Prevention, Office of Strategy & Development, the Center for Conflict Resolution and Education, the FMCS Institute for Conflict Management, and the DC and Northern Virginia (HQ) Commissioners. 

Javier mediated disputes in all sectors of the economy (except air and rail) in professions such as the performing arts, public safety, professors, hospitality, hospitals, manufacturing, and packing houses.  Javier facilitated and mediated multi-party disputes in manufacturing, construction, and education.  He was on the facilitation team for several regulatory negotiations, including the Department of Energy (DOE) negotiations that resulted in the largest energy-saving rule in DOE history.  Javier also trained and successfully facilitated parties in various collaborative bargaining models.  Notably, Javier collaborated with colleagues to create the FMCS Affinity Bargaining model.  He represented the agency in international tri-partite training efforts in Bangladesh and trained all New Zealand labor mediators on collaborative bargaining. Javier has been the recipient of multiple FMCS performance awards in recognition of his work, including the Director’s Award.

Additionally, Javier is regularly asked to present at national and regional conferences on conflict management topics.  He guest lectured on labor relations and dispute management at the University of Illinois, University of Colorado Boulder, National Defense University, Cornell, and other universities.

Prior to FMCS, Javier spent over fourteen years in labor relations, negotiating contracts and resolving disputes in areas such as immigration, contract administration, communication, staffing, and politics at the federal, state, and local level.  His efforts have been featured in Rolling Stone, Chicago Tribune Magazine, and Chicago Lawyer Magazine; cited in the New York Times Best Seller Fast Food Nation; and recognized by the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers.

Javier enjoys the performing arts or exploring the great outdoors with his wife and two adult children.

This is great news for FMCS, and if his nomination is confirmed by the Senate (as I expect it to be), he will be the second consecutive FMCS commissioner to be nominated and confirmed.

Thanks for your continued support,

Rich Giacolone

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