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Mediator Class Pictures


Class of 2020 attended all new mediator training via Zoom

Class of 2019


Class of 2018


Class of 2017


Class of 2016


Class of 2014



Class of 2012


Class of 2011


Class of 2010





Class of 2003



Class of 1999 (Please send in a better copy if you have one!)



Class of 1995-1996


Class of 1995


Class of 1994



Class of 1992

Class of 1987



Another 1987 Class


Class of 1977

Class of 1976

Another 1976 Class



Multiple Class Pictures for 1975


Class of 1974 Pictures

Class of 1973


Class of 1972


TO BE CONTINUED (Many more to update).  Mediators currently on the FMCS payroll end with the class of 1975. If you have any class pictures from the more recent era which are missing from this post, please send them to me either in a digitized file (my Friends email is or mail a copy of the photo (I will scan it and return it to you) to Friends of FMCS History Foundation, PO Box 9517, Chesapeake, VA, 23321.










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