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The history of dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration

FMCS and Myanmar (Burma)

John Gray in Burma

Did you know that FMCS in conjunction with the ILO worked with the Government of Myanmar in 2015-2016 to help establish dispute resolution capabilities in the newly formed democratic government? Things have changed much since then in Myanmar with a military takeover of Government in 2021. FMCS worked with the Burmese Ministry of Labor and […]

FMCS and Baseball

FMCS has been in the news of late connected to the Major League Baseball lockout. As indicated in the article linked here Major League Baseball requested assistance from FMCS. UPDATE Letter from MLB Commissioner To Our Fans: I had hoped against hope that I would not have to be in the position of canceling games. We worked hard […]

Panama and FMCS

FMCS has played a key role in Panama.  Specifically for the Panama Canal Labor Relations System.  FMCS provided services to the U.S. Panama Canal Commission out of the Southern District.  The FMCS role was multifaceted including mediation of collective bargaining agreements and midterm issues under the Federal Labor Relations Statute, and even some commercial mediation […]

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